The First in Our Field

Established in Israel in 1956 under the name Agrexco, we were the country’s first agriculture export company. Working side-by-side with farmers, we helped grow Israel’s reputation for agricultural produce expertise.

From Pioneer to Pacesetter

Originally a state-owned company, we planted the seeds and nurtured Israel’s famous Carmel label — the international brand name known for quality and reliability. At the same time we cultivated numerous agricultural innovations ranging from crop varieties – such as Cherry on the Vine, Pomegranates and Strawberries varieties under our highly regarded Ecofresh standard that incorporates EurepGap requirements with the latest Information Technology (IT) developments.

A Privately Owned Enterprise Answering 21st Century Concerns

Today Carmel Agrexco is a private enterprise owned by Ampa Group. We continue to be the standard bearer for quality and reliability. Our highly skilled professionals are primarily Agrexco graduates with far ranging agricultural expertise and a deep understanding of 21st century concerns. Consequently, fresh food safety standards and environmental protection stand at the top of our requirement list.A

Year-Round Supply of Freshly Picked Produce Meeting Your Market Demands

We have gone the extra mile to find the right seasonal solution for supplying you with the cream of every crop all year-round. That’s why today the name Carmel not only stands for outstanding produce appearance, taste, consistency, and long shelf-life, but it also stands for a 12-month supply of the fruits and vegetables meeting your market demands.

Our Brand Names

Our brand-name line-up includes Carmel, Carmel Bio-Top, Coral and Alesia.Look for the Carmel Agrexco Office Nearest You

Our network of Carmel Agrexco offices serves local markets in Europe, South Asia and South America.