Industrial tradition of Penagos Hermanos goes back to the end of the 19th century, with the creation of a Company for the study, promotion and implementation of Industrial Projects. Around the forties, the first agricultural machinery exports are carried out towards Latin America, establishing this way the beginning of what today is recognized as one of the most extensive and efficient lines of industrial products’ commercialization and distribution on a global scale.

Since then, PENAGOS HERMANOS has been characterized for providing integral solutions to the industrial sector and especially to the agribusiness, starting with the mill manufacture, Pelton hydraulic engines, lathes, drills among others.

The eighties marked a brilliant era for PENAGOS HERMANOS, since technologies from Italy and Brazil were incorporated for modernizing the agricultural machinery line, and the Company ventured into the manufacture of equipments for the coffee processing, revolutionizing completely the traditional systems of Coffee Wet Processing, and achieving for it the acknowledgment of important national and international entities.