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PRAGOR is a Production Rural Society Company of avocado producers located in the state of Michoacán.

We market our products in Europe, Canada and the United States.

In Pragor we are committed to health, we produce certified organic avocados, so we ensure that the nutritional content of avocado are present at 100% in our fruits and free of any harmful substance to health.


In 2005, a group of Organic Producers are grouped to form the Agricultural Association “Organic Farmers, A.A.” (PRAGOR), to market the Hass Avocado and seek certification Organic FairTrade, the goal was achieved in 2006, in 2010 Pragor undergoes restructuring within its organization to create a Rural Production Company Limited named “Organic Agricultural Suppliers, S. of P.R. RL “to continue offering a quality product and 100% organic, Fair Trade under the scheme (Fairtrade).


To contribute to the care of the environment and economic progress of the state, through the production and export of organic avocado with quality, safety and sustainability to meet customer needs under the Fairtrade scheme.


To help preserve the environment by cultivating organic fruit with the highest professionalism and the highest quality, offering a healthy looking to be socially responsible.


Our values ​​are the foundation of any organizational culture, setting standards, equity, and success for workers and the organization.

Organization: Establish in advance how we will be making activities obtaining the necessary resources to carry them out in an orderly manner and achieve the desired goal.
Respect: Consideration to the ideas, rights and responsibilities of individuals and Compliances of policies, standards, laws and regulations in the workplace and in society.
Loyalty: Is the honorable behavior, straight and honest with oneself, and business people (love to the shirt).
Participation: Involvement in all activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the company doing the work, “always right the first time”, as well as the contribution of suggestions based on experience.
Punctuality: Comply in all date and time commitments making the provision of services and activities in the predetermined time.
Overrun: The desire to make things better.
Sense of common vision: People in an organization must know where the company is headed and the path to follow.