Ostroms Mushrooms Claim


Ostrom Mushrooms is located at Mushroom Corner in Olympia, Washington. Family owned and operated since 1928, we have been Washington’s choice for quality fresh mushrooms. Today the people of the Pacific Northwest eat over thirteen million pounds of Ostrom’s mushrooms every year.

Ostrom Mushrooms WorkerOstrom’s mushrooms are handpicked daily, refrigerated immediately, and on the road to you within hours after harvesting. And just to keep things interesting, there’s a variety to choose from, all of which can be used interchangeably in recipes.

Ostrom Mushrooms WorkerOstrom’s team of over 250 growers, pickers and packers is dedicated to providing you with the best in quality and customer service. Ostrom’s uses the latest technology for compost preparation and pasteurization; in addition, all mushrooms are handpicked and vacuum-cooled for longer shelf life and quality checked twice before being shipped.