The CherryHill Story

Our story began in 1940 when our grandfather, George Riseborough, planted his first cherry trees in Victoria’s fertile Yarra Valley. Over 75 years later, our family still proudly carries on this cherry growing tradition with diligence and passion to produce Australia’s finest cherries.
Today the orchard is run by George’s grandsons, Glenn & Stephen Riseborough who have continued to grow the business into one of Australia’s leading cherry producers.
We’re committed to bringing you and your family the freshest, most delicious cherries right through the season.
We’ve established orchards in a range of climatic regions including the Yarra Valley, the Murray Valley and the Victorian Highlands to provide a longer cherry season producing perfectly ripe cherries.
We travel the world to find the best varieties, the latest innovation and techniques to ensure our cherries are world-class quality.
We prioritise freshness through our distribution network from our packing facilities in the Yarra Valley through to our trusted retail and wholesale partners.
We offer online ordering, handpicking and delivering to your door within 24 hours.
We open the gates to our beautiful Wandin orchard gate throughout the season so you can experience the freshest cherries possible by picking your own straight from the tree.
So you know that every CherryHill Orchards cherry is picked at it’s prime and brought fresh to you.