AGRICULTURAL AGROMONTE is a company owned by Costa Ricans engaged in the production, packaging and export of fresh pineapple.

It began operations in February 2004, after selling the company Royal Coast Tropical Fruit. The project begins in a small estate of 54 hectares, the same year reached 600 hectares, to reach 2412.73 hectares, which today focuses its operations. That s 2412.73 I ctáreas, more than 400 hectares are dedicated to the protection , wetlands, forests, rivers and lakes.
The land where pineapple production, specifically in the areas of Boca Arenal and Muelle de San Carlos is consolidated, they dedicated themselves for decades plantations of sugar cane, orange trees and yucales, which generated employment only in times of harvest.
In 2005, it is constructed in Boca de Arenal, a modern pineapple packing plant. It comprises 3500 square meters, 400 monthly capacity to pack containers, cold storage facilities and latest technology to maintain quality of export product, ensure the occupational health of workers and protect the environment. The plant currently has a computerized system, where the fruit according to weight ranges, requiring selected international markets.
In addition to investment in farms and packing plant, the company AGROMONTE invested in agricultural machinery with high technology standards that allow proper soil management and comfort for operators.
Socially, AGROMONTE, since its founding partners recognized in its plant, field offices and its main allies for the success of the company. To achieve this close relationship, it maintains a defined policy that seeks the welfare of individual workers, meets all labor laws and provides them with the right equipment to avoid accidents. Currently, Agramonte has a Solidarity Association and a direct settlement, which ensures maintaining good relations between the company and its employees.
Another company policy is to maintain the best relations with communities near the project annually invests millions of colones for repair of roads and community works, mainly engaged in education, health and sport project neighbors.
As part of its regional development policy, the age of five, AGROMONTE successfully implements buying fruit independent farmers. In June 2009 more than 45 producers of Pital, La Virgen, Upala and Guatuso, Los Chiles, they sell product via AGROMONTE.
In 2009, the company provides direct employment for about 800 families in the area and exports its product to Europe by 90% and the United States by 10%. Has its own brands and AGROMONTE GOLD sweet, and thanks to the support of employees, communities and customers is strengthened.